The Keepers

The Box and the Dragonfly


 The Box and the Dragonfly is Book 1 in my debut middle-grade series The Keepers, forthcoming from HarperCollins Children’s Books on March 3, 2015. Cover art and illustrations are by the incredibly talented Iacopo Bruno.



Jacket Art © 2015 Iacopo Bruno



Mixing science, magic, and metaphysics, The Keepers follows Horace Andrews and his friends, who gain unique powers after discovering and bonding to a variety of mysterious artifacts called Tan’ji. In Book 1, The Box and the Dragonfly, Horace finds a box that opens surprising new doors and grants him unimagined abilities. Soon after, he joins forces with Chloe, another young Keeper, and together the two of them are drawn into a secret, centuries-old conflict that connects to both the roots and fate of humankind.

Stay tuned here for more news, and be on the look out for The Keepers when it launches in March 2015 from HarperCollins Children’s Books (US) and Hot Key Books (UK).



I’ll be talking about The Keepers at some bookstores and schools in the next few months!



Here’s what folks are saying about The Keepers:

“The Keepers is a wildly original adventure, electric-paced and brain-bending, that will enthrall kids and adults alike. It’s more than a fantasy, building physics and folklore into its search to answer questions about whether true magic can ever exist. But most of all, it has a wonderful central character in Horace, smart and vulnerable, who grounds us in this extraordinary world.”

        –Soman Chainani, New York Times bestselling author of The School for Good and Evil


“An epic adventure of self-discovery, magic, tragedy and blurred lines of loyalty for middle-grade lovers of fantasy.”

        –Kirkus Reviews


“In this post-Harry Potter world, it seems like everyone is trying to produce the next Harry Potter–and the term gets thrown around a lot.  When I read the first paragraph of The Keepers I was suddenly transported back to the first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Not because of Mr. Sanders’ writing (although his writing is compelling to say the very least) or the plot, but because I had the same feeling I felt all those years ago.  The feeling that this was a world that was going to blow my mind; a world that I wanted to dive into and continue to live in. To say I enjoyed this book would be an enormous understatement.  My only problem is that it doesn’t come out soon enough for me to get my own hardcover copy and get copies of it in the hands of as many people as I can.  Thank you for sending this book my way and for allowing me to relive the joy of discovering a wonderful world to escape into.”

     —Katherine Megna, Children’s Specialist, Books Inc. Laurel Village


“I absolutely love this fantasy. The language and lists of words at the very beginning are enchanting.  It was thrilling and scary but not too grotesque, a fine line in these days of horror-fantasy.  I liked the two main characters very much. The loner boy that isn’t pitiful, the tough girl that is a bit scary herself. Horace’s parents are great too. Very funny and real. The Wardens are nicely complex. Really this just has everything and I think it’s going to do very well indeed. I am looking forward to the next book very much and I hope it will have as much humor as this one.”

     —Michele Bellah, Frontlist Buyer, Copperfield’s Books



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The Box and the Dragonfly in the HarperCollins Childrens Winter 2015 catalog


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Kirkus Review of The Box and the Dragonfly: “An epic adventure of self-discovery, magic, tragedy and blurred lines of loyalty.”


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