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Meet the Wardens

HORACE ANDREWS, Keeper of the Fel’Daera, Age: 12
Thoughtful, curious, and cautious. Solves problems through logic and rational thinking. Loves science and chess.

CHLOE OLIVER, Keeper of the Alvalaithen, Age: 12
Clever, brave, impetuous. Wickedly funny and very protective of those she loves, especially her sister, her father, and Horace.

NEPTUNE DEVLIN, Keeper of the Devlin tourminda, Age: 15
A dedicated Warden, wary of newcomers to the cause. Has a strange, deadpan sense of humor.

GABRIEL K, Keeper of the Staff of Obro, Age: 17
Calm and steadfast. Holds great power with his Tan’ji and wields it responsibly; though blind, he is more perceptive than most.

BRIAN SOUTER, Keeper of ??, Age: 13
A mysterious presence in the Warren. His role has not yet been revealed to Horace and Chloe.

MRS. HAPSTEADE, Keeper of the Vora, Age: 40-50
Somewhat stern, but compassionate. Acts as a caretaker and mentor to the Wardens.

MR. MEISTER, Keeper of the Mai’tan oraculum, Age: unknown
The Chief Taxonomer of the Wardens. Intense, inscrutable; holds Tanu and the mission of the Wardens above all else.


one who has bonded with a chosen instrument, thus becoming Tan’ji

Tanu (TAH-noo)
the universal term for all of the mysterious devices created by the Makers; the function of these instruments is all but unknown to most (two main kinds of Tanu are Tan’ji and Tan’kindi)

Tan’ji (tahn-JEE)
a special class of Tanu that will only work when bonded with a Keeper who has a specific talent; Tan’ji also describes the Keeper himself and the state of that bond—a kind of belonging or being; Keepers refer to their Tan’ji as instruments

Tan’kindi (tahn-KIN-dee)
a simpler category of Tanu that will work for anyone, without requiring a special talent or a bond (raven’s eyes, dumindars, etc.)

Tan’layn (tahn-LAIN)
the unclaimed; the term used to describe Tan’ji that do not currently have a Keeper

Find, the
the solitary period during which a new Keeper masters her instrument

term for a Keeper who is permanently severed from his instrument

a hidden race of beings who hunger to reclaim all the Tanu for their own; they call themselves the Kesh’kiri

tall and sinister, these are Riven who are particularly skilled at hunting down Tan’ji

a Kesh’kiri word for ordinary humans

the secret group of Keepers devoted to protecting the Tanu from the Riven

a field of influence that temporarily severs the bond between a Keeper and her Tan’ji; the Nevren is used to protect the Wardens’ strongholds

the Warden’s headquarters beneath the city, deep underground

Mazzoleni Academy
the boarding school beneath which the Warren lies